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The Kingdom of Saudi Arabia is the world focus of attention in various fields such as economic field. This attention is due to being the largest market in the region in addition to hosting summit G20 in Saudi Arabia 2020. Saudi Arabia also is one of the countries that reached the world summit in regards of oil reserves and production. Moreover, Saudi Arabia has directed the world attention with the KSA government’s vision 2030 that led by the Custodian of the Two Holy Mosques King Salman bin Abdulaziz Al Saud and Prince Mohammad bin Salman bin Abdulaziz Al Saud, the Crown Prince of Saudi Arabia within the frame of Economic Diversity Saudi Program.
Middle East Exhibitions Co. for exhibitions and conferences that has more than 15 years of experience in the exhibitions market is conducting the international exhibition specialized in the technologies of kitchens industry and its related supplies and logistics services. It has the exclusive excellence to conduct the exhibition. The size of the kitchen market in KSA is estimated by billions S.R. per year. The Expo will host the investors and people with interests in this industry under the aim of contributing in developing kitchens sector with international and local experiences that achieve the consumers’ and investors’ marketing goals and ambitions. Our vision and initiative corresponds with Saudi Arabia vision 2030 under the Expo slogan

( International standards of quality and proficiency in sector of kitchens technology exhibitions)

According to that, the international exhibition of kitchen technologies and its logistics services invites successful partners from all the relevant official authorities, investors and all companies invest and interested in this sector locally, regionally and internationally to sponsor and participate in their EXPO and to share with others the success of the exhibition that aims to achieve their strategic marketing goals and ambitions.


Leading international exhibition specialized in the technologies of kitchens industry and its logistics services, updated with the global technologies, compatible with the local and Arab market requirements.

Mr. Tim


Opening up integrative specialized and cognitive economic prospects and channels that achieve the goals and ambitions of all the interested in the official, investment, productive and consumer environment in the kitchens industry and its logistics services.

Mr. QA

Expo Strategies :

  1. Observation : Monitor and research for the new and modern update locally and internationally in the exhibitions industry of kitchen technologies and its logistics services. .

  2. Competitively: Attract all the ideas, visions and industry owners and create the local and international competitive spirit within the frame of Kitchen Tech. Expo.

  3. Development: Contribute with the official authorities and the industry owners and pioneers in developing this field to enhance its level in the economic activities and in the KSA gross domestic product through the Kitchen Tech. Expo.

  1. Diversity: Diverse and varied prospects and options with different and related dimensions is a main strategy of Kitchen Tech. Expo.

  2. Integration: All the official authorities, investors and interested in this industry are integrated aiming to make their EXPO successful and developed, and Kitchen Tech. Expo integrates with other exhibitions.

  3. Communication: Constant professional communication with the official institutions, and also investors, clients and visitors in the industry of kitchen technologies , locally and internationally

  1. Economic and investment returns: The Kitchen Tech. Expo organizer is keen on the economic and investment benefits for all the official authorities, sponsors, participators , visitors and clients.

Specialized, exclusive and unique exhibition in Saudi Arabia

Brandon Hoffman
Brandon Hoffman
Brandon Hoffman
Brandon Hoffman

The Marketing Vision:

The company and the kitchen Tech. Expo 2020 have prepared a marketing plan that includes inviting visitors to the Expo with an estimate of more than 15000 visitors.
Moreover, marketing plan has been prepared to invite the related official authorities, the sponsors and the participators in the field of kitchen technologies locally and internationally to sponsor and participate in the kitchen Tech. International Expo 2020.

Individuals and Families

  •    Families looking for new and creative in the world
         of kitchen technologies.

  •    Visitors and people follow and interested in the
        the exhibitions in addition to the academics,
        researchers and students in the industry sectors.

Governmental, Official and Diplomatic Authorities

  •   Officials, managers and workers in the ministries,
        authorities, institutions, governmental and official
        organizations, and industrial cities departments.

  •   Chairman, leaders and the employees of the
       commerce and industrial chambers in Saudi
       Arabia and the industrial committees.

  •   Officials and the employees of Saudi Standards,
       Metrology and Quality Organization and the official
       Organizations and the various professional
       engineering scientific associations
       specialized in quality standards.

  •    Officials of government banks.

  •   Officials of the organizations, government and official
        institutions locally and internationally related to
        the industry.

  •   Managers of the institutions, government companies,
        housing projects officials and others.

  •   Decision makers in the general companies, airports,
        universities and general facilities.

  •   Officials of foreign embassies, diplomatic organizations
        and international organizations working in Saudi

Business community in the industry, especially the kitchen industry and its services from inside and outside Saudi Arabia

  •   Businessmen and investors in the sector of industry.

  •   Managers and employees of the private establishments
        and companies and those responsible for projects and
        searching for the kitchen technologies updates.

  •   Managers and employees of the local, Arab and
       international companies and factories working in the
       field of kitchen technologies and its services by
       producing, exporting and importing.

  •   Managers and employees of smart companies that
        invest in modern technology that contribute in the
        development of kitchen technologies and its

  •   Decision makers and employees in private
       establishments and companies in general.

  •   Managers and employees of the economic consulting
        centers that have effective role in the development
        process in general and industry development in
        particular in addition to discover the promising
        investment opportunities.

  •    Managers and employees of engineering, professional
        consultancy, and design offices that related to kitchen
        technologies and its services.

  •   Managers and employees of the financial companies
        such as banks, installment and finance companies.

Public and private media

  •   Officials and employees of the governmental and
        private audible, visual and printed media institutions
        interested in the economic issues and exhibitions

  •   The new media such as websites owners, users and
        influencers of social media and people interested in
        following and supporting exhibitions especially
        specialized exhibitions.

Young entrepreneurs

  •   Young entrepreneurs who invest in the food trucks, such
        small enterprise are revival in Saudi Arabia nowadays,
        and they have various interests which make them in
        constant search for the new and innovative in the
        kitchens world.

  •   Young entrepreneurs who are searching for ideas and
        investment opportunities.

New and innovative ideas in the world of kitchens designs

Why to Visit The International Kitchen Tech. Expo:

  1. Thousands of attendees and tens of exhibitors companies with multiple, different and rich ideas that can be useful in the world of kitchen industry.

  2. Viewing the latest in kitchen industry and its various logistics services.

  3. Viewing the presented products in the kitchens industry and its logistics services These products that presented by international and local well-established companies in this sector.

  4. A chance to meet the company’s managers, the sponsors and the participators specialized in the technologies of kitchens industry.

  1. Distinctive chance to meet with the companies that care about the technology, designs, decorations and new innovative ideas in the world of kitchens design.

  2. A chance for direct negotiation or purchase with special prices offered by some local and international factories and companies in the exhibition.

  3. Marketing team in kitchen Tech. Expo invite entrepreneurs that invest in the food trucks as such small enterprises which are unprecedented renewal in Saudi Arabia nowadays, and they have various interests which make them in constant search for the new and innovative in the kitchens world.
  1. Exhibition world in general considered as short journey thriving in the frame of the economic, Investment, marketing, media, social, cultural environment that encourages creativity in different services and products presented by the exhibition.

  2. Visiting the exhibition also considered as short entertainment journey that mixed with objectives and guidance for choices and decisions about purchasing a kitchen or its logistic services.

  3. The diverse media presence and take photos might be a chance for beautiful purposeful moments for all participants.

To whomever aiming to contribute in enriching the kitchen technologies industry and its various services with new ideas, designs, technologies and special services. It is also directed to whomever keen on developing this ambitious market and fulfill these special and developed ambitions and to develop his own company as a company with added value in this industry and on the level of the national economy. The Invitation is also to whomever aim to meet company’s and new clients, and to meet companies to benefit from the local and international experiences in the world of kitchens industry and technologies and its logistics services.

For all of those.. We invite you as success partners to sponsor and participate in your Expo …The international exhibition of kitchen technologies and its logistics services (International Kitchen Tech. Expo)



The Kitchen Tech. Expo invites all the only specialized local, regional and international companies in the kitchen industry and technologies and its logistics services that work in the following activities:

  •   Ready or customized kitchens.
  •   Steel, aluminum, wooden, alumetal, khashamonium
        and Acrylic kitchens.
  •   Restaurant’s kitchens equipments.
  •   Raw materials of various kitchen technologies.
  •   Food trucks equipment’s service.

Mr. Tim

  •   Special equipment for polishing and protecting
  •   Sinks and mixers.
  •   Various electrical appliances products.
  •   Ovens and hoods products.
  •   Electric ovens surfaces.
  •   Dishwashers.
  •   Grills, kettles and microwave.
  •   Refrigerators and devices to save and cool foods
        and meats.
  •   Coffee equipment and accessories.

Mr. QA

  •   Iron, wood and glass products and accessories.
  •   Aluminum products, gypsum, ceramics and paints.
  •   Interior Finishing Services.
  •   Granite, marble and tile products.
  •   kitchens parquet floors.
  •   Stone and cement products.

Authur Hicks

  •   Doors, windows, curtains, drawers and shelves.
  •   Decoration products.
  •   Smart accessory products.
  •   Cabinets and their contents.
  •   Basket Products and Trolleys.
  •   Kitchens tools products.

CC Hour Juy

  •   Water and thermal insulation systems.
  •   Products and services of gas installations and internal
  •   Ventilation and cooling products and services.
  •   Lighting products and services.
  •   Water desalination filters products and services.

CC Hour Juy

  •   Security, safety and fire protection systems.
  •   Consulting and engineering services.
  •   Engineering design and decoration services.
  •   Smart control services.
  •   Environmental safety technologies, products and
  •   Design and solutions of smart kitchen technology.
  •   Kitchens cleaning services.
  •   Sterilization services.

CC Hour Juy

All Gain Economic and Investment Benefits

  •   Manufacturing and Technologies.
  •   Import.
  •   Designs and decorations.
  •   Composition.
  •   Transport and delivery.
  •   Maintenance.

  •   Local or foreign factory.
  •   Local or international trademark.
  •   An agent or distributor of a local or international
        factory or company.
  •   Your factory has a local or international agent.
  •   Your factory has a local or international distributor.
  •   International or local franchise.

  •   Membership of international organizations
        specialized in kitchens.
  •   Local or international accreditations and
  •   Environmentally friendly products and services.
  •   High quality services.
  •   Long warranty period.
  •   Special offers.
  •   Convenient and good payment system.
  •   Commitment to a good completion,
        implementation and delivery period.
  •   Maintenance and after sales services.
  •   International vision and trends.
  •   Modern technology.
  •   Creativity and innovation.
  •   The best solutions and wonderful designs and
  •   Combining high quality with modern and trendy
  •   Clients satisfaction for the life span of products.
  •   Branches in Saudi Arabia.
  •   Service to cities where no branches.

  •   Marketing products and services.
  •   Marketing meetings with your existing and new
  •   Business meetings with companies.
  •   Access to the largest market in the region.
  •   Enhance marketing presence.
  •   Strengthen and develop the presence of agents.
  •   Develop relationships with agents and distributors.
  •   Promote and develop products in the Saudi
  •   Develop customer service.
  •   Find distributors and agents in the Saudi market.
  •   Developing information about the kitchen market
        in Saudi Arabia.

If your company has any of these activities, services, commercial relations, advantages, goals or marketing visions, your company is definitely invited to sponsor and participate in your exhibition… The international exhibition of kitchen technology and its logistics services…. As your company advanced professional marketing place is in Kitchen Tech. Expo

Why to sponsor and participate in The International Kitchen Tech. Expo ?

Kitchen Tech. International Expo 2020 distinguishes the success partners, sponsors and participators with the followings:

  1. Specialized unique exhibition in Saudi Arabia in kitchens technology industry.

  2. Create and enhance the business relationships between the success partners.

  3. Provide the convenient time and well-located that agree with the Kitchen Tech. Expo’s vision and all success partners goals.

  4. A chance to present your company to the formal and business community as leading and initiative in sponsoring and participating in such specialized exhibition that contributes in the economy of this sector and exhibitions sector in Saudi Arabia.

  5. The marketing team of the Kitchen Tech. Expo will invite governmental and official institutions and organizations in addition to local and international companies and visitors.

  6. The marketing team of the Kitchen Tech. Expo will invite entrepreneurs that invest in the food trucks.
  7. The chance to be partner of the marketing camping according to the plan.

  1. Providing the suitable area according to the sponsors and participators desire within the best services and standards.

  2. A unique chance to present and market products and services to large number of visitors.

  3. A chance to know and meet the visitors to discover their needs and preferences in the kitchens market, services and technologies.

  4. A chance to expand the market share in regards of customers and investing relationships in the Saudi market.

  5. A chance to develop ideas, designs and technologies.

  6. The business center has privacy to follow the work and make deals, hence, it is a great place to meet the participators and visitors for economic purposes.

  7. The communctions with various media.

  1. Create practical public relations that can be invested in developing ideas and achieving goals.

  2. Marketing and investment opportunities considered as natural and smart results of the Kitchen Tech. Expo.

  3. A new vision from different prospective and new working channels locally and internationally in the world of the specialized exhibitions.

  4. A chance to invite all clients, partners, friends and family from inside or outside of Saudi Arabia.

  5. The size of the kitchens market in KSA is estimated by billions S.R. per year , and it is promising market.

  6. There are more than (5500) commercial registration in Saudi Arabia that working in the kitchen industry and some expected to participate or visit the Kitchen Tech. Expo for many marketing and business purposes.

On line Register Form

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Required Spaces and Equipment

Location Number Required Space
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We agree on the terms and conditions provided above and to terms and conditions of the contract.

Inside Space only

Per sqm
1,350 S.R
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Inside Space with Organizer's Stand

Per sqm
1,500 S.R
400 $



A brief about Middle East Exhibitions Co. for exhibitions and conferences:

In the world of events with all its dimensions, that witnessing various changes and developments forming events new map in the world of development. On this map, the companies are looking for a place to achieve their planned visions and goals within the long journey of development especially in events industry wither in conferences or exhibitions. This industry is witnessing unprecedented activity in Saudi Arabia especially with the kingdom vision 2030 and in the Arabic world in general, so, the Middle East Exhibitions Co. for exhibitions and conferences which has been established 15 years ago, has successfully created a location in this wide map in the world of events and shares strategic goals with others in this industry , which are developing the industry of events in Saudi Arabia . Middle East Exhibitions Co. for exhibitions and conferences has strategic goals drives it to share developing this industry that lately started with high trends and to be compatible with the strategies of Saudi Arabia and Arab world in general with the official and private sectors. The company organizes exhibitions owned by the company as exclusive rights for the company in addition to providing various events services to the public and private sectors clients. The group includes three companies: Middle East Exhibitions Co. for exhibitions and conferences, Laymus contracting ,and Lasas consulting and marketing.

Logistic Services:

  1.  Visa entries to the Kingdom of Saudi
       Arabia for exhibitors and visitors .
  2.  Customs clearance services.
  3.  Hotel and accommodation reservations.

The exhibition will be held in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, Riyadh at Riyadh International Convention & Exhibition Center (RICEC)

Riyadh International Convention & Exhibition Center (RICEC) is located on King Abdullah bin Abdulaziz Road beside King Salman Social Center. It is only 15 minutes from king Khalid International Airport along the Eastern ring road . (Location: East 35,43,46 – North 50,45,24)

RICEC was designed to suit with the natural shape of the land. RICEC building structure with its ‘wave-form’ roof, its distinctive feature, is one of the architectural landmarks of Riyadh City . RICEC is accessible through different main roads, the nearest is exit 10 east side of ring road. Also starting from Olyia street along King Abdullah road heading to east direction.

The center has the following

  1.  Reception and registration.
  2.  Media center.
  3.  Business center.
  4.  Restaurants and coffee area.
  5.  Male and female mosque.
  6.  Safety and security services.
  7.  First aid unit.
  8.  Loading and unloading area.
  9.  Communications.
  10.  Audio-Visual Services.
  11.  Parking and traffic.

  • Saudi Arabia
  • Othman Bin Affan Branch Road
  • Riyadh 12476
  • Working hours: 09:00 am to 05:00 pm


  • Pone     +966 11 269 70 10
  • Ext.          126
  • Mobile +966 5 0980 80 82

  • info@iktexpo.com